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  • SAPI/ESAPIs with soft armor backers
  • Other armored plates may fit.  See Technical tab for more details. 
  • Fully MOLLE compatible
  • Increase weight savings by using pouches with the Patented Helium Whisper® attachment system

Size according to SAPI / ESAPI plate size - NOT shirt, coat, or chest size
    Small - 8.75" x 11.75"
    Medium - 9.5" x 12.5"
    Large - 10.125" x 13.25"
    Extra Large - 11" x 14"

ESAPI plates with soft armor backer are approximately 1.25” thick.  Other armor plates may vary.  

PLATEminus was designed from the ground up to be the lightest plate carrier available. Perfect for low profile / low-viz work, PLATEminus eliminated all of the unnecessary bulk enabling it to be worn under outer garments while still being fully MOLLE compatible. 

PLATEminus’ plate pockets are constructed from color matched CORDURA® for maximum signature reduction - eliminating black plates showing through the MOLLEminus front or the need for separate plate socks or painting.  The back of the plate pockets are Tweave to allow some “give” for various plate sizes or shapes.

PLATEminus’ shoulder straps are fully adjustable for length with hook and loop closures that can accept the LMAC™ Enhanced Shoulder Pads. The straps feature sewn in One-Wrap for cable and hydration routing. The shoulder straps are edge stable and can be cut to length by the end user in order to trim additional grams and bulk.

PLATEminus’ side straps are constructed with 1” webbing with elastic expansion sections to buffer movement and allow for room to breathe during strenuous activities. The side straps are secured with side release buckles for fast and easy donning and doffing.

Size PLATEminus™ based on the plate size:

      Small - 8.75" wide x 11.75" high x 1.25" thick - For Small SAPI / ESAPI plates
      Medium 9.5" wide x 12.5" high x 1.25" thick -For Medium SAPI / ESAPI plates
      Large 10.25" wide x 13.25" high x 1.25" thick - For large SAPI / ESAPI plates
      Extra Large 11" wide x 14" high x 1.25" thick - For Extra Large SAPI / ESAPI plates

***For non-standard sized plates, order the smallest, closest size.  Other plates may or may not fit.***

MOLLEminus Technology starts with Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp™ laminate material which is half the thickness of a dime and 4 times as abrasion resistant as 1000d CORDURA® fabric. The ULTRAcomp laminate is laser cut to create a fully MOLLE compatible matrix of slots and voids that greatly reduces weight, complexity, and potential failure points compared to traditionally constructed MOLLE platforms. 

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